House Call Service

Poipu Mobile MD Clinic can treat you in the comfort of your home, hotel, or vacation rental. All visits include personalized physician care, convenience, saved vacation time, and transparent pricing.

We serve the entire island of Kauai. All services must be booked online. Upon booking, physician will immediately be notified of your request.

Our ER physicians can treat just about any ailment.

Urgent Care At Poipu


Daytime visits – $395
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Regular Hours:
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Appointments must be booked online

Family Care Physicians
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    300sC S.
  • We came into the clinic not knowing it was just closed. The dr popped his head out of a room finishing a patient and asked what he could do and said hold... Read More

    300sMissy S.
  • While traveling to Poipu, I had a surfing accident where the fin of the board lacerated my scalp. The closest clinic was the Poipu Mobile Clinic. You never... Read More

    300sDrew H.

What Can Be Treated On A House Call?

What can be treated on a house call?
• Earaches/Clogged Ears
• Laceration (Stitches)
• Skin infections/Abscess Drainage
• Nausea/Vomiting/Diarrhea
• Pediatric concerns
• Colds/Flu/Sinus
Just about anything you’d go to the ER or urgent care for!

House Call Doctors in Koloa

What We Offer

  • Urgent care medical services at your location
  • Point of care testing for illness such as flu, COVID-19, Strep, urinary symptoms
  • Basic Orthopedic supplies and referrals for imaging or specialist care
  • Standard prescription and over the counter medication dispensed, saving you a trip to the pharmacy (non-narcotic)
  • Injections and IV medications as needed

Why Choose our House Call Service?

Poipu MD provides urgent medical care in the convenience of your own home or hotel. Services can be performed in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else you might want to receive care.

Home visits can be more convenient for some patients. You can receive personal attention from one of our qualified physicians in the comfort of your home.

Our house calls are transparently priced so you will always know exactly the cost before services are rendered.

Everyone deserves exceptional medical care, no matter whether they live or vacation on Kauai.

How does it work?

Schedule an appointment online.


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